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I am a heretic: there is no hell

I don’t believe in hell. I find the notion of a locus for cosmic torment and punishment incongruous with any vision of a just and loving god–a being whose very existence is difficult enough to swallow without the mention of a place overflowing with fire and brimstone.

With any god worth his salt being perfect, shouldn’t we expect his expression of love and justice to far surpass that of human imagining? Wouldn’t such a god express a perfect justice, one that is all-seeing and all-embracing rather than one that is blind and vengeful?

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Population Control for the Philippines

It’s Christmas and countless poor and destitute families have descended upon the city in droves in order to make the most of the relatively generous sentiment that grips the general citizenry during this time. Driving down Gilmore Avenue, you see entire makeshift villages spring up by the side of the road like the camps of the Roman legion. What bothers me the most is the sheer number of children that make up these seasonally nomadic communities.

Like most poor countries, the Philippines has a growth rate that far exceeds 2% per year. In some urban areas the figure exceeds 3%. Why is this so? There may be many reasons, but ultimately, I suspect that it is a Tragedy of the Commons as discussed by Garret Hardin.

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