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Frustrations at Fatness First

Let me tell you a few things.   I didn’t join a gym / health club because I needed friends.  I didn’t join it to pick up other men or be picked up by them.  Come to think of it, I didn’t even join it to pick up women (although I wouldn’t mind too much getting picked up by them if only they weren’t the overly fat kind that tends to **live** in these places).

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Weight Loss 101: Intake

This article is really an oversimplified rendering of everything I’ve had to learn (the hard way) in order to try get a grip on my weight.  It’s a battle that never really stops.  At the start of 1996, I was a hefty 86kg (190lbs).  By the end of 1997, I was down to a trim 56kg (115lbs).  I kept that weight until I got married in November of 2000.  By 2005, I was pushing 90kg (200lbs).   After two years of World of Warcraft, I found myself in Vietnam at a jiggly 110kg (242lbs).

At the time of this writing, after a glorious attack of insanity, I’m back down to 89kg (196lbs).  I’m planning to hit a healthier weight of roughly 60kg (132lbs) by the end of October.  At least that’s the plan.

This is part one of an expected 3 to 4 part series.  This part covers intake–essentially what you put into your gullet and how.  The entire article (quite long) is on the next page.

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