Sede Vacante

The light is on but no one is home.

The people ultimately responsible


Mom and dad.

My brothers: Robert, Hector, and Dave.

Friends who grew up along with me: Jukka, Vince, Eliza, Dondi, Jude, and Jay.

My mentors and teachers: Eddie-Boy, Nemy, Tonette, Norman, and Glenn.

A few important schmucks I met along the way: Frances, Mikey, Xandro, Dindi, Carlo, Ivee, Noel, Glenn, Prixie, Chris, Vier, Justine, Cap, Vio, Jon, Ryan, Carlo, Marj, Abhishek, Gil, Dondi, Martin, Robin, Gary, Mark, Heidi, Sonny, Wilson, Obet, Ronald, Gerard, RA, Garry, Ian, Candice, Jason, Jay, Jojo, Jed, Jet, Basti, Ariel, Bea, Kent, Mary Anne, Mary Ann, Alice, Rochelle, Steve and Warren.

People I hope will be willing to rebuild the once-beautiful bridges I’ve burned: Ronnie, Kite, Trin and Randy.



  Ronnie wrote @

sad i didn’t make the list – not even the schmuck list… although i guess i fell off the face of the earth. never have taken you off mine…

  Dear Ronnie, « Sede Vacante wrote @

[…] again, I’m so deeply sorry, love. There, perhaps this is slightly better. I know it’s not exactly the same thing… but it’s a start and a challenge. For […]

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