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Earning vs. wanting: a call to worthiness from consumerism

I’m sick and tired of people whining about how consumerist and materialistic our world has become. Not because I disagree. On the contrary, I’d be the first to tell you that our values have been completely fucked up by this drive to acquire iPods and BMWs. What buggers the fuck out of me is that *no one* is giving a sensible way of answering the call for a balanced and conscientious life as a consumer.

“Live simply so that others may simply live.”

It sounds pretty and poetic, doesn’t it? It achingly calls on the affluent to sacrifice so that the less fortunate (human or otherwise for all you tree-huggers out there) can lead better lives. But seriously, that’s some lazy-ass philosophizing right there. You can’t start thinking like a human being and then decide five minutes later that you’ve had enough. Come on. Philosophizing isn’t that much different from having sex: keep going until you’re done.

Some of you are grinning. Yes, I’m in front of my computer philosophizing with myself. It’s because I’m stuck in Vietnam, smacktard. Everyone’s a fucking clown when you’re trying to say something serious. Read on.

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