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The allure of video games

Like many in our short-attention-span instant-gratification world, I am a hardcore video/computer game enthusiast. Don’t dismiss the allure of video games. The fact that our youth is spending more and more time and money playing video games should tell you something. The fact is video games provide a very real need that the disgruntled, disenfranchised youth of today hunger for–a comprehensible path to success, and a fair shot at getting there through hard work and effort.

Games are all about growth and fairness. The in-game environment is probably the only place where all our proverbs and overused clichés actually work with any predictable regularity. Unlike in the real world, in games, you actually reap what you sow. Hard work *always* pays. He who works hardest and smartest becomes the best. And cheating only gets you scorn and humiliation. Unlike in the real world.

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