Sede Vacante

The light is on but no one is home.

30 days, no nicotine…

So far so good.  It’s been 30 days.  Still no cigarettes.  There were a few close calls though. I was standing outside a 7-11 and I start having that conversation with myself again.  It’s the conversation where one side is telling you that it’s ok, that you’ve won, that you’ve proven that you can quit and that there’s nothing stopping you from lighting one up.  It goes on to tell you that, to truly quit, one must be able to have just one more and still not get sucked in, that you need to test yourself to see if you really are free.  Then it starts getting desperate.  It tells you that no one will ever know.  No one will see.  Just one more.  It can hardly count against a lifetime of not smoking to have just one more.

That conversation again.  I was actually lined up already.  I bought a banana instead.

So if you see some nutbar walking down the street with a lit banana in his mouth, say hello numbnuts, welcome to my world.


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