Sede Vacante

The light is on but no one is home.

Me? Blog??

It’s true. People are putting waaaay too much information about themselves on their blogs and public profiles on social-networking sites. Seriously, do you even know WHO is reading this stuff? There must be at least one sick pervert out there reading my facebook profile and touching himself all over. No, honey, I didn’t mean you.

If you’re young, or female (I’m not saying that women are weak, only that men are such fucking assholes), or ludicrously stupid, PLEASE don’t post anything important about yourself.

Why? Because it’s not a nice world out there, and everyone from network marketers to serial rapists and killers would just **love** to know more about you. So go ahead, tell them where you shop, where you spend your Saturday afternoons, and tell them the names of your family. Tell them where you went to school, what hometown you’re from, and every little tidbit of information that any freakshow can use to try to convince you that you know them and should be ashamed for not remembering their names.

Network marketers, serial rapists and killers. Did I mention the bureau of internal revenue and the national bureau for investigation. These fuckers would just love to know more about you.

So why am I suddenly posting my deepest darkest most innermost thoughts on the web for all to see? Quite simple. None of you will probably ever find this, much less read it. In fact, I’m sure Steve passed out by the second paragraph. Secondly, if you don’t know me to begin with, there is no fricking way you can contact me or find me via this blog. My email address is hidden. Even those photos don’t exactly reflect what my wife and I look like now. And all you bastards who know me, please stop laughing.


It’s really just an extension of my graphomania. And yes, my little slave, I use that term the way Kundera does.

A peek into my notebook.


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  The Pope wrote @

Roses are red;
Violets are blue;
I’m graphomanic;
So there.

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